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Mystic Fruit doesn't use boxed solutions, templates, or outsourcing. It only provides custom websites that meet all the media needs of your small business, or organization. ... more on an encompassing vision.

Each project that Mystic Fruit takes on will receive a unique and individualized treatment. As a result, Timo will sit down with you to develop a project that meets all your needs and goals.

Mystic Fruit Web & Design is a consulting service provider. Timo has years of experience developing solutions from photographic portfolios, to in-office presentations, broadcast videos, and creating a full interweb presence. He produces great functionality, images, and media to fit the requirements of the project.


Mystic Fruit Web & Design employs more than experience, knowledge, and a broad skill set. An MFA media artist will build your website with clarity and vision. Visit the portfolio to see what Timo has done. ... more on Timo's talent.
Talent isn't just about a portfolio. There are intangibles that contribute to masterful work. It may be difficult to pinpoint those traits, but consider the following:
  • Timo has a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics. Problem solving, and understanding the big picture are always part of the package when you work with Timo.
  • Timo worked at a competitive dot com, where he was involved in building web applications from front to back, and top to bottom. There is no substitute for in-depth experience, and a broad on-the-job education.
  • Timo holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography. Your website project will benefit from a fine tuned creativity, and visual acuity resulting from years of arts training.


Mystic Fruit will build your website for your business, period. The website we build together will add value to your enterprise. ... more on building your site.

Timo will listen to your needs, and will internalize your style and message before he begins building your site. His goal is to build a website that you will own, and employ in your business.

Timo will guide the website development to meet your vision, and use his knowledge of user experience and web usability to create a structure for your site that works for you and your clients. Each page will make sense, and have content that directly builds on your message.

Timo won't push for trends or include any marketing babble. Your site is about your message, your company, and your content; it is your web presence and will live up to your goals.