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Timo McIntosh
Founder and Mastermind

Mystic Fruit Web & Design was founded in 2004 by Timo McIntosh, a web developer, professional photographer, and artist based in Santa Clara California. Mystic Fruit Web & Design combines high class, unique designs, with custom scripting, coding, and open technical innovation. Timo creates stylish and functional web sites that carry an individualized message, honed for each client. Mystic Fruit Web & Design works with small businesses as well as individuals, to build dynamic, media-rich, mobile, and cross-platform websites.

Timo founded Mystic Fruit Web & Design with the conviction that both what a visitor sees and what she doesn't see is equally important in providing an engaging web experience.

Timo McIntosh was born and raised in the South San Francisco Bay Area, and returned there to raise a family after earning his university degree in physics. He now holds an MFA in photography, and is focused media arts across many disciplines. Within the hustle of the "Valley", he strives in his personal life, and in his business, to live honestly, and with a strong social and environmental work ethic. Timo works with his clients with integrity every step of the way.

Timo also makes every attempt to maintain a environmentally sustainable business. Mystic Fruit Web & Design is a paper free business, whose office electricity comes entirely from renewable sources. Timo is always seeking innovative products and solutions that better serve his clients, as well as the environment and society.

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